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These rates are subject to change without notice. If you have questions about specific services and rates, please contact us at


2022 Rate card* Per hour Description
Administrative Rate $83. per hour Emailing, data entry, cleaning data, mail coordination
Graphic Design $138. per hour Graphic design for any purpose
Managed WordPress Hosting $510. per yr Hosting, software updates, website security
Managed WordPress Hosting (monthly) $49. per month Month to month WordPress hosting
Project management $138. per hour Meetings, phone conferences, coordination.
Non-CPRaD hosted site maintenance $55. per month Updating software; content
Static HTML website hosting $12 per month Annual payment
Static HTML website hosting $16 per month Month to Month
Web/Code Development $138. per hour Website development; coding, software
Website Content Update Rate $ 83 per hour Updating content on WordPress websites; or other
Projects may be quoted as a fixed price. All services provided in accordance with our Master Services Agreement.
Read our Master Services Agreement
*All time billed in quarter hour increments. Rates effective August 21, 2022

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