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These rates are subject to change without notice. If you have questions about specific services and rates, please contact us at

2020 Rate card* Per hour Description
Additional Email Accounts $48/yr, $24/semi-annual Email accounts beyond 2 which are included with hosting
Administrative Rate $75 per hour Emailing, data entry, cleaning data, mail coordination
Content Planning or Strategy $175 per hour Planning content for websites or marketing materials.
Copy/content development $75 per hour Writing copy for any use or purpose
Crisis Communications $275 per hour Advising, responding, managing crisis comms
Digital Media Management $125 per hour Managing Google Ads, FB ads, etc.
Event Planning & Management $125 per hour For events related to Public Relations
Graphic Design $125 per hour Graphic design for any purpose
Managed WordPress Hosting $462 per yr Hosting, software updates, website security
Managed WordPress Hosting (monthly) $44 per month Month to month WordPress hosting
Marketing Consultation $125 per hour
Planning/consulting on strategy
Marketing Interviews $125 per hour Conducting interviews to gain insights
Marketing Research $125 per hour Research to gather info to inform project
Media Relations $175 per hour Interacting with media reps
Media Research $175 per hour Background. Identification of contacts.
PR Distribution $125 per hour Pitching, distribution of media releases
Project management $125 per hour Meetings, phone conferences, coordination.
Public Relations Consulting $125 per hour Planning, strategy, development
Public Relations Strategy $275 per hour Planning strategy, campaigns, messaging.
Social Media mgt., content $125 per hour Managing strategy, postings, calendar, content
Spokesperson/Representation $125 per hour Representation of Client at events
Static HTML website hosting $11 per month Annual or month to month
Press Release/Story/Pitch Development $175 per hour Developing stories to gain media attention
Travel time: $25 per hour Any travel on client’s behalf; to/from events, mtgs.
Web/Code Development $125 per hour Website development; coding, software
Website Content Update Rate $ 75 per hour Updating content on WordPress websites; or other
Website Training $75 per hour Training on use of website
Projects may be quoted as a fixed price. All services provided in accordance with our Master Services Agreement.
Read our Master Services Agreement
*All time billed in quarter hour increments. Rates effective Jan. 14, 2020. Rates subject to change without notice.

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